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tv   House Speaker Paul Ryan Holds Ceremonial Swearing-in of Members  CSPAN  January 3, 2017 2:57pm-6:05pm EST

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most of them are working i guess, they're not here anymore. there are so many hard-working, dedicated and brilliant men and women who over the years have put their shoulders to the wheel to help new york, this country and me. there are too many to name, i wish i could name them all but i must mention two. mike lynch and martin brennan who has been with me since the 98 campaign. >>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] >> nice to meet you. . >>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> are you ready? we have to face her.
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got it? >> thank you. >> [inaudible conversations] >> left hand on the bible. your right hand will be up.
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>> he had a 160 rating last sunday. i'm hoping he gets the mpd. >> thank you, guys.
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[inaudible conversations] >> are you ready? [inaudible conversations]
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>> are you ready for this? [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> left hand on the bible. >> thank you. all right. >> hey, guys. >> how're you doing? >> hey, guys. [inaudible conversations]
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>> do you want to hold the bible as well, or in the middle? come around to the middle. you hold the bible. it'stty heavy. we will do it both ways, all right? congratulations. >> thanks. >> good to see you guys. happy new year. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you.
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>> yes. well, anytime. >> thank you for shaving. left hand on the bible. right hand up. congratulations. welcome back. [inaudible conversations]
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>> i don't want to push you out of the way. >> take care. good seeing you. left-hand. right hand up.
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[inaudible conversations] >> go, irish. >> there he is. >> good to see you. put your right hand up. [inaudible conversations] >> hey, guys. how are you all doing? right hand up. kind of face her. a little higher. there you go. that's it.
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>> good work today, by the way. >> how are you? good to see you. >> there you go. >> take care. happy new year. >> right hand up. left-hand on the bible.
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[inaudible conversations] >> come in right here, buddy. happy new year. >> happy new year.
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>> hey, look at this. [inaudible conversations] right hand, face her. all right.
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i think that should give -- good to see you guys. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for all you do. hey, happy new year, man. take care. nice meeting you. a pleasure. >> test staff on the hill. -- best. [inaudible conversations] >> assay boomer sooner.
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>> boomer sooner. >> one more. >> you got it? all right. >> left on here. right up here.
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[inaudible conversations] >> left hand on. right face up. face her. perfect.
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[inaudible conversations] >> so i'm here. come out here a little bit more. come on in. i have to wage in. can you get the whole clan? good? >> great. thank you, paul. [inaudible conversations] >> hey. sam over here.
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charlie -- no-no. right -- no, no. right here. you decide. okay. like this. they are. do we have a bible? you can swear me in. now go like this. we are going to do one more. ready?
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th somebody's bible. >> how are we doing? >> what kind of name is that? really? all right. happy new year. >> congratulations. >> you bet. left hand, right hand, face her. >> thank you. >> happy new year here
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[inaudible conversations] >> left hand on the bible. right hand up. face her. >> this is for my staff. >> congratulations, mr. speaker.
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>> good? thank you. see you. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you. >> congratulations.
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>> come over to the side. just balance it out. how are you doing, man? good to see you.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> very good. face her. thank you. good staff work. >> thank you.
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[inaudible conversations] >> happy new year, guys. take care.
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[inaudible conversations] >> left hand on here. right hand up. face her. gott? can you see over me? [inaudible conversations]
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>> ready? bless you. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation] ready? all right, who's going to make an attraction here? come on. okay.
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go, go. hey, how are you doing? hey guys. ready? all right. good? all right. congratulations. [inaudible conversation] joe made here? getting here. oh sure.
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>>. [inaudible conversation] turn around. right hand up, turn around. there you go, see? you with the old man here too? all right. just bring it over here. let's hear it. everybody.
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>> thank you, thank you. [inaudible conversation] okay, okay. all right.
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[inaudible conversation]. >> thank you so much.
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>>. >>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation] [laughter] good?
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>>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation]
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>> right hand up. let's handle the bible. sure. >>. [inaudible conversation] >>. [inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] that's what i'm doing. ready? good? okay. congratulations. right there, straight ahead. happy new year. >>. [inaudible conversation]
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adrian. are you dog? >> all right. right hand, got everybody? . >> so matt ryan,.
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>> let's do it again. >>. [inaudible conversation] got
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it? thank you. >>. [inaudible conversation] nice to see you. right hand up. right there on the bible. that's good. happy new year. congratulations.
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hey. [inaudible conversation] happy new year's. [inaudible conversation] are you doing? >> thank you. left hand on the bible.
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there you go. what have you got? [inaudible conversation] mark, how are you doing man? all right. let's kind of face that way.
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congratulations. hello. >> hay. right here. [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] get it? congratulations.
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hey. right hand up right there. good, all right.
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>>. [inaudible conversation] are you doing, this is my father. [inaudible conversation] your charlie paul. where you want him? your left hand on, right hand up. maybe over here. ced way if you can.
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. [inaudible conversation] thank you. i can tell. [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]. [inaudible conversation].
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[inaudible conversation] left hand on the bible. [inaudible conversation] >> my pleasure.
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i'm trying to get these also not. no, i really am. all right. how are you. [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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>>. [inaudible conversation] i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >>. [inaudible conversation] all right. >>. [inaudible conversation] all right.
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thank you so much mister speaker. thank you guys. >>. [inaudible conversation]. nice to see you again, take care.
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>>. [inaudible conversation] left hand on the bible. all right. all right, thank you.
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(on the bible, right hand up. [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]. all right, that's great. [inaudible conversation] congratulations you do. are you doing?
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, right hand up. excuse me. >>. [inaudible conversation] >>
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] , on.
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible cversatio [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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left hand, right hand up. come on the side.
4:51 pm
come over here tommy. where are we looking. come on in.
4:52 pm
congratulations. right hand up. come on in. smile buddy. thank you. congratulations.
4:53 pm
left-hand here, right hand up.
4:54 pm
[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] right hand up, left hand on the bible. thank you. take care.
4:55 pm
how you doing? thank you. a little bit. this guy right here. thank you.
4:56 pm
how you doing. >> good, how are you? >> come in connor. >> thank you. [inaudible conversation]
4:57 pm
left-hand here, right hand up. [inaudible conversation]
4:58 pm
oh yeah, where? >> montana. >> okay. left-hand here, right hand up. perfect.
4:59 pm
[inaudible conversation] okay. right hand up go like this.
5:00 pm
put this hand down. that way. mr. speaker. [inaudible]
5:01 pm
[inaudible conversation] look at the camera. thank you. congratulations.
5:02 pm
all right.
5:03 pm
they go to the same coffee shop. left-hand here, right hand up. do you want to come over here. grab mom. [inaudible conversation] hey everybody, how are you doing
5:04 pm
? left-hand here, right hand up.
5:05 pm
[inaudible conversation] how are you doing? >> our daughter is jessica. this is mariah. every time i go there. right hand up.
5:06 pm
>> they live right across the street. >> thank you. >> nice to meet you hi there :
5:07 pm
[inaudible conversations]
5:08 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> ready? over here. look right here. [inaudible conversations] >> come on around. where do you want her? [inaudible conversations] >> thank you. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> first day, huh?
5:09 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> happy new year, everybody. thanks for being here. >> all right, folks, right down this way. right out this -- [inaudible conversations] >> happy new year. >> yeah, yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> good?
5:10 pm
what's happening? [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> oh, i know. you broke the camera, man. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] we won! [inaudible conversations] >> all right. left hand here, right hand up. kind of weird. [inaudible conversations]
5:11 pm
>> all right. >> got it. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you. take care. >> you broke the camera. >> wicsed-- we fixed it. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you, dear. >> got it? all right. see ya, take care. it working? >> it's working now. >> try not to break it this time, all right? [laughter] >>h, i know. no, i know, yeah. >> [inaudible] >> all right, thanks.
5:12 pm
hello. >> thank you. all right, take care. all right. >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> thank you, you too. [inaudible conversations] >> paul, yeah, we've been -- >> [inaudible] port of l.a -- [inaudible] >> oh, yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> my mom, this is her first time. >>'s mom? hey, mom.
5:13 pm
we can go like this. i don't want to block you. left hand here, right hand there. we sort of face that camera right there. ready? you guys ready? >> everybody -- >> all right. >> you ready, mom? good? >> got it? >> all right, cool. >> okay. thank you so much. >> congratulations. nice to meet you. happy new year, everybody. [inaudible conversations] >> all right. hey, mom, how are you doing? [inaudible conversations] [laughter] >> all right. left hand on, right hand up.
5:14 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> that's good. >> all right. [inaudible conversations] >> hey, scott, how you doing? good to see you. >> we're doing something a little abnormal. >> what's this? >> [inaudible] >> oh, he is? where? guam. >> awful deployment. terrible. oh, really? i've been to guam, i've been to that base. >> i wanted him in the picture. >> oh, very cool. left hand here, right hand up. you face this way. okay? thanks for serving.
5:15 pm
>> thank you. >> hi, martha. [inaudible conversations] >> left hand here, right hand up. you ready? [inaudible conversations] >> congratulations, everybody. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> hey. >> [inaudible] >> oh, yeah. my brother -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> oh, okay. yeah, he -- [inaudible]
5:16 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> paul. nice to meet you. how long -- >> 28 years. >> tell him we upgraded. so left hand here, right hand this way. yeah, i've got to -- [inaudible] >> hey, congratulations. >> thank you very much. looking forward to working with you. [inaudible conversations] >> hey. >> speaker, the younger, more handsome -- >> [inaudible] >> yep, exactly. thank you. >> no, i know.
5:17 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> yeah, that'd be great. >> that's right. >> hold 'em up, let's go. >> all right. >> left, then right. all right? >> thanks for all your help. >> you bet. >> that would have been my son, my 10-year-old -- [inaudible] it was hilarious, paul, i loved it. good to see you. >> you bet. hey, man, how you doing? your daughter, right? you having fun? [inaudible conversations] >> one of my favorite stories. i told you that story.
5:18 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> nice to meet you. [laughter] >> wahlberg familyhow you doing? this one goes up, that ooes on the bible. you ready? i don't want to block anybody. [inaudible conversations] >> hey, thank you. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> happy new year, man.
5:19 pm
>> [inaudible] >> thank you very much. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you, appreciate it. do you want to do it next time? >> [inaudible] >> don't tease me, it's my fourth time. [laughter] >> oh, yeah, whatever. >> the game, right? >> good game. it's a rematch. nice to see you. take care. [inaudible conversations]
5:20 pm
>> that's fine. >> it'll work out. >> hey, how you doing? >> this is my mom. >> hey, mom, how are you? left hand, right hand. all right. perfect. all right. happy new year. [inaudible conversations] >> you got it? all right, man. good to see you. hey. [inaudible conversations] >> paul, nice to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> how do we do this? >> like this. no, you keep yours down. [laughter] keep yours down. [laughter]
5:21 pm
>> everybody keep doing that. [inaudible conversations] >> you got a sharpie, will? >> yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> well, you know, it takes a long -- [inaudible conversations] >> st. louis or -- >> yeah. we're -- [inaudible conversations] >> how to we get out of -- how do we get out of here? you came back.
5:22 pm
[laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> don't you -- [inaudible conversations] >> oh, i know it well. i know it well. >> it is cold. it's like here. left hand up, right hand up, sort of face this way. [inaudible conversations] >> take care.
5:23 pm
>> all right, folks, right out this way. thank you so much. >> how are you? how are you? you go like this. good? >> okay. all right. [inaudible conversations] >> congratulations. >> madison -- [inaudible] >> oh, that's right. yeah, yeah, yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> no, no, no, i -- [inaudible] >> thank you, now. >> bill, how you doing?
5:24 pm
>> i'm doing good, paul. >> [inaudible] >> i do remember. nice to see you again. i'm paul, nice to see you. hey. all right. left hand here, right hand up. kind of -- [inaudible] got it? all right. happy new year. congratulations. >> you guys have long arms. [laughter] >> how you doing? nice to see you, buddy. >> all right, you ready? >> yes, sir. >> right hand up. thank you. >> congratulations. >> you too. thanks for winning again too. >> yeah.
5:25 pm
>> [inaudible] >> oh, paul. nice to meet you. paul, nice to meet you. thanks for being here. happy new year to you. absolutely. hey. how have you been? [inaudible conversations] >> left hand on the bible, right hand on -- kind of a strange thing. [inaudible conversations] >> okay? nice to see you.
5:26 pm
>> nice meeting you. good luck. >> i've got to get back to -- [inaudible] y. all right. okay, left happened on there -- left hand on there. >> how's that? >> that works. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> the cool kids now. with all the cool kids. >> got hit by a car. >> [inaudible]
5:27 pm
>> nice to meet you. you were where? >> i was in mexico. >> oh, mexico. not nearly -- [inaudible] as wisconsin. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, that's the way to do it. come on in -- [inaudible] >> i feel like i'm the center of attention here. >> it's just a small mormon family. [laughter] >> [inaudible]
5:28 pm
>> thank you so much. that was -- >> my pleasure. [inaudle conversations] >> take care. hey. oh, hey, north dakota, how you doing? [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> you've got the accent down. >> big fargo fan. >> i kind of am, actually. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you, guys. hey. >> how are ya? [laughter] >> i knew it. >> this is my mom.
5:29 pm
>> hey, missouri. >> come on over here. okay. left hand here, right hand up. right here. >> all right. everybody get one? we've got it, right here? >> britney knows. >> okay, awesome. perfect. thank you. >> take care. happy new year. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, it's so short. yes. have a great day. yes, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. >> congratulations. >> i know be, i know.
5:30 pm
i feel pretty good about it. barbara, how you doing? [inaudible conversations] >> okay, right hand up. all right? nice to meet you. take care. [inaudible conversations] >> easy. >> falling off. [laughter] good? all right? happy new year. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> hey -- [inaudible] how you doing? >> all right. my buddy jeff. >> how are you?
5:31 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> ready? gotta face this way. good? >> all right. [inaudible conversations] >> hey, dan, how are you doing? [inaudible conversations] >> elizabeth? >> hey, finn began. that's a great name. [inaudible conversations]
5:32 pm
>> get it? what, about a month in congress? [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> hey. i'm paul. >> my wife -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> left hand on the bible, right hand up. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah.
5:33 pm
yeah, yeah, yeah. [inaudible conversations] hey, guys, how you doing? >> honored. >> appreciate it. nice to see you again. how you doing? [inaudible conversations] >> yeah. [inaudible] >> my brother runs -- [inaudible] >> oh, nice. i didn't know that. >> yeah. [inaudible conversations]
5:34 pm
>> take care. hey, i'm paul. shelley? hey, man. hey, i'm paul. >> hi, sara, nice to meet you. >> paul. how you doing? >> [inaudible] >> all right. kind of look this way. ready? >> awesome. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> hey, just us? [inaudible conversations] >> thanks.
5:35 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> mr. speaker. >> [inaudible] >> good seeing you. >> hey, i'm paul. >> how are you? >> nice to see you. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, yeah. cardiac health. literally and figuratively. a little closer. [inaudible conversations] >> and then -- yeah, there you go. look at her right there. good? that was easy. >> is that it? >> that's it. if she says so, it is.
5:36 pm
all right, welcome back. congratulations. >> [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, sure. [inaudible conversations] >> you don't say nevada. he just said nevada. it's informed. it's nevada. i'm paul, nice to meet you. [inaudible conversations] >> so i hear you work out. >> i do, i do. [inaudible conversations] >> if you want to jo me -- >> i will.
5:37 pm
>> left hand here, right hand up. all right. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> hey. [inaudible conversations] >> congratulations. he guyses,ow youoing? >> we're good. [inaudible conversations] >> my whole family here. >> this is not what i remember. [inaudible conversations] >> right hand up. you ready?
5:38 pm
>> all right. [laughter] >> good? >> thank you. >> we get it? all right. very cool. [inaudible conversations] >> what's up, alan? how you doing? >> this is my -- [inaudible] >> congratulations. [inaudible conversations] >> a awesome. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. thank you. [inaudible conversations]
5:39 pm
>> all right. right hand up, left happened on the bible. [inaudible conversations] >> look at her. all right. that'll work? -- >> my face hurts. [laughter] hey. [inaudible conversations] >> all right. left hand on the bible, right hand up.
5:40 pm
look at her. [inaudible conversations] >> little bit more this way. kind of face her. hand up -- no, no, hand up. >> [inaudible] >> wait, this guy. all right. [inaudible conversations] >> hey, paul. thanks for the -- [inaudible] >> you got it? >> i did get it. it's really cool.
5:41 pm
[inaudible conversations] everybody. >> or all right. [inaudible conversations] >> i owe you a thank you. thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> good seeing you guys.
5:42 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> all right? >> congratulations. >> left hand here -- >> take care. congratulations. hey, how you doing? it's been passed on. >> here we go. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> say hi. >> come right here. >> there you go. >> all right, you ready? what? oh, you've got to hold the bible a little higher. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you. >> wait, one more.
5:43 pm
>> thank you. >> congratulations. nice to see you guys. >> you bet. >> happy new year. [inaudible conversations] >> nice to see you again, how you doing? [laughter] >> left hand here, right hand up. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> thank you so much. >> oh, hey. how are you? yeah, paul. i'm paul.
5:44 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> oh, yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> left hand here, right hand up. we sort of face -- [inaudible] >> one more right here. >> cool. nice to have you. he [inaudible conversations] >> left hand. yeah, there you go.
5:45 pm
good? [inaudible conversations] >> i hold it, left hand on it, right hand up. [inaudible conversations] i'm sorry. >> how you doing? >> this is my dad. [inaudible conversations] >> colorado. [inaudible conversations] >> you're very good at this by now. only my 400th or something like that. [inaudible conversations]
5:46 pm
hey, walt, how are you going? >> thank you, speaker. he agrees with me no problem. he's an eagles fan. there we go. >> good? >> thank you. >> take care. [inaudible conversations] >> hello, si my wife, pat. [inaudible conversations]
5:47 pm
>> she with you? [inaudible conversations] >> i hold it -- [inaudible] all right. thanks for helping. appreciate it. >> hey, mr. speaker, how are you? >> fine. i hold it. [inaudible conversations] >> hey. nice to see you. [laughter] >> i was going to say, i was thinking --
5:48 pm
[inaudible] >> walked me down the hallway. >> right hand up. yeah, this you go. there you go. good? >> good. >> all right -- >> congratulations. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] you know, whatever. mom, nice to see you. you bet. hey, dan. hey, how you doing? [inaudible conversations] >> my brother's nephews concern. >> left hand here, right hand up. and then you've got to -- [inaudible] [laughter] [inaudible conversations]
5:49 pm
>> we good? >> after the game last night, i sat in the park and i cried for two hours. [laughter] >> congratulations. [inaudible conversations] >> thanks for providing -- >> oh, yeah, you bet. [inaudible conversations] >> on new year's eve. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, that's right. he can go over it -- >> i'm glad he -- [inaudible] >> all right, ready?
5:50 pm
>> hey, welcome. nice to have you. >> thank you. >> a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm the last -- >> are you the last one? my face is about to fall off. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> put your right hand up. >> my right hand? >> yeah. >> awesome. i think she got it. [inaudible conversations] >> i know all about it. [inaudible conversations] >> you've done so -- [inaudible]
5:51 pm
>> i think you're literally -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> my face literally hurts. [laughter] i need to massage my cheeks. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] i need to start frowning. literally, i can -- sore. what's your name? >> [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >>?
5:52 pm
remind me. [inaudible conversations] >> what's your name? [inaudible conversations] >> whichever one you want to give me. >> paul, nice to meet you. [inaudible conversations] >> okay, nice to meet you. [inaudib conversations] >> oh, do that one in the
5:53 pm
meantime? okay, we'll come back. okay. >> you guys ready? >> ready, ready? can you stand? yeah, yeah, yeah. >> wait for me. >> no, you're good. you're doing great. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, you're doing good. you're doing good. there you go. >> how we doing today? >> doing well. my face -- >> oh, yes. a little uncomfortable for you. [inaudible conversations] >> there you go. >> put your hand down. big smile, big smile be. good job. >> appreciate it.
5:54 pm
>> go, packers. [laughter] >> do you mean that? hey, thanks. [laughter] i wouldn't have expected that. [inaudible conversations] >> all right, all right. [inaudible conversations] >> oh, yeah? where? be where'd you go to high school? >> i didn't go to high school there, i went to college. >> i'm janesville, same concerns. [inaudible conversations] same conrence. [inaudible conversations] >> hey, d.j., paul. nice to see you.
5:55 pm
>>audible] >> about to be a mom. >> hey, first time? >> yep. >> awesome. >> hey, guys. >> come on in, marcy. >> stand right there. >> who's going to hold it, you going to hold it? you've got to have a holder. [laughter] >> left hand -- right hand up. >> you see the belly, is the question. >> above, below? >> yeah, that's perfect. >> put your left hand here and then right hand up. >> future. >> you guys ready? >> you have toledo, right? [inaudible conversations] >> we're here to help. >> thank thank you. thank you. good seeing you guys. happy new year. [inaudible conversations]
5:56 pm
>> we're going to have you guys -- [inaudible] >> hey, hey. >> this is mr. wilson -- >> okay. and we're all here? >> hey, ron. hey, it's all good, it's all good. who's holding the bible? who's the bible holder? >> bible holder. [inaudible conversations] >> right here in the middle. bible holder's in the middle. [inaudible conversations] >> up this way a little bit. [inaudible conversations] >> make sure i'm not blocking you.
5:57 pm
>> we knew if you were the last picture of the day -- [inaudible] you've got one more. >> awesome. nice to see you, guys. happy new year. take care. hey, nice. where you from? where you from? >> [inaudible] >> you are? you're from green bay? oh, cool. i'm one of the owners of the team, you know. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> which one of you are going to hold the bible? >> oh, yeah, we need a bible holder. who wants to be the bible holder? >> pastor's kid. >> you're over here.
5:58 pm
you are the holder of the bible. >> i know. [inaudible conversations] >> hi, guys, how you doing? >> right hand like . is everybody ready? >> yes, sir. thank you. >> speaker, thank you. one of the last ones. >> my face is about to fall off. [laughter] smiled all day. has the bible arrived yet? >> [inaudible] >> they said he's on the second floor. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] >> here he is. he's running. there he is. >> there he is. [inaudible conversations] >> you've got to come up a
5:59 pm
little bit farther. >> okay. >> but i feel like i'm blocking you. >> is that it? >> yeah, i just don't want to -- >> left hand, right hand up. sort of face this way. [inaudible conversations] >> am i blocking your face? here, let me go like this. [inaudible conversations] >> if you can't see the camera, it can't see you, okay? >> everyone look right here. turn in the back, lean in. there you go. >> good? anybody over here? this took a while, we want to get this right. anybody over here? [inaudible conversations] >> all right. we've got to get this guy. [inaudible conversations] >> all right. >> nice to meet you all.
6:00 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> thank you, everybody. [inaudible conversations] >> you got it? >> ah! [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> all right, yeah. right here. [inaudible conversations]
6:01 pm
>> all right, come on. [inaudible conversations] >> did you get it? >> how about right here? >> very cool. >> ready? >> okay, thanks. [inaudible conversations] >> stand up. come on, i know, come on. >> one more.
6:02 pm
>> there you go. >> oh, she's about to collapse. [laughter] >> are you the last one? >> the last one. we're the last one. [laughter] >> okay. >> how you holding up? >> i'm good. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] >> come on, come on. [laughter]
6:03 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> good seeing you. >> see you in the gym. yeah, yeah. absolutely. [inaudible conversations] >> paul ryan has been holding a ceremonial swearing-in of all house members on this first day of the 115th congress. he was officially elected speaker of the house earlier today. two members didn't vote in the speaker election. paul ryan himself and representative kurt schrader, democrat from oregon. the u.s. senate is back in session tomorrow at noon eastern to take up a repeal of the health care law. live here on c-span2. and off the floor president obama will be meeting with democrats, and vice president-elect mike pence will meet with republicans.
6:04 pm
the congressional black caucus held a ceremonial swearing-in. cedric richmond succeeds gm k. butterfield as the chair of the caucus. it's the largest congressal back caucus ever with 49 members. this is abouted 0 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the congressional black caucus corporation proudly welcomes you to the swearing in of the 115th congress. please rise for the armed forces color guard and the singing of the national anthem followed by "lift every voice and sing" by world renowned jazz vocalist stephanie jordan, accompanied by marlon and rachel jordan.


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